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Keeping up with the JONESES


Keeping up with the JONESES

Are you trying to keep up with the JONESES? FOR WHAT? The JONESES are over worked, stressed out, have high blood pressure, no furniture in that great big house and skyrocketing car payments! The JONESES have to work so hard that they can’t spend quality time together as a couple nor can they find time for family fun and adventure. The JONESES are unhappy, and they have no time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Keeping up with the JONESES – FOR WHAT!!! Set your own timetable for GREATNESS!





We can pick our friends but we can’t pick our family. This is true, and I am glad for what I was given. Every day I am thankful for the group of people who support all of my crazy ventures, who tell me when I have overdone it and who love me throughout all of the confusion. Some family members will be there for you and give you criticism, love and praise. Others may not. Some people that we consider family are not even related. Whoever you decide to call family, be grateful for them. I am!