Monthly Archives: July 2014

BIG Mistake!


Whatever MISTAKES you have made, whatever transgressions have been made against you, can be overcome.  Whatever wrong or right decisions that have been made, whatever negative consequences that you have suffered through.  Life’s highs and lows.  Take ALL of life’s journeys and use them as learning experiences, use these as tool for personal growth, make positive changes based on your negative results.  Make today the beginning of the REST OF YOUR LIFE! make TODAY your best day ever.



I Kissed a FROG and I LIKED it!!!


How many FROGS do we have to KISS before we find PRINCE CHARMING? Is it really a dating necessity to spend precious time dating a bunch of stale, dry, lackluster people before you find Mr. or Mrs. Right? How do you proceed to find your PERFECT or 80% PERFECT companion? Look within yourself! You must love, respect and honor yourself first.  You MUST bring something great to the table before you can expect love and greatness from others.frog kiss 2